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FBX from Maya to Quill with vertex colors

Level 2
I'd like to export objects from Maya to Quill in FBX with vertex colors.
I can successfully do it the other way around.

I even tried this:
  • export object from Quill
  • it has vertex colors: I can see it in Quill after importing it back and also in Maya
  • I import it in Maya then export it out
  • fbx from Maya also has vertex colors 'cause I can see it in Maya after importing it back. But it shows no colors when importing it in Quill. The whole object is just red.
And everything I export from Maya is just red in Quill. Even a simple cube without vertex colors.
Comparing the two FBX files (one exported from Quill and the one from Maya) I see that Quill uses FBX version 2017.0 while Maya using 2017.1. Could this be the problem?

Any ideas?
Ohhh. Using Maya 2017 UPDATE 4.