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**UPDATED** Importing 2d Line Art into Quill to Animate It?

Level 3
**UPDATE** I have found that Blender has a VR component and a technique where 2D images can be applied to a mesh that can be manipulated in depth. Any other help is still requested, especially if you've done anything like this. Anybody out there? OP follows:

     Hi, I'm new here, forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. I just received a Rift S a week ago. I'd like to take some existing line art I have and animate it, sort of like a moving scene in a window box.
     One scenario I imagine is taking a piece of 2D art I have scanned and import it onto a flat mesh that can be manipulated. For example, I have a face rendering that I'd like to apply depth to, so I want to import the flat image onto a grid and stretch and mold it into a 3d object, sort of the way you sculpt terrain in Unity.
     Another idea is to animate a 2D character by splitting parts of the drawing into separate layers that can be colored and animated. Imagine thick cardboard cutouts of arms, legs, body and face that are hinged with paper fasteners moving across a timeline. 
     Is Quill suited for dealing with imported 2D images, or should I look at another app? Any suggestions are to be appreciated...