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please check your chip of u can put it thru the warranty they bought a new program for over heating last but not least your equipment hold many spares the inventor wanted spare in all products

Quill 360 Video Export

Hello community!Is it possible to export 360 video or image sequence directly from Quill?Please answer cause it's crucial for me.Thanks!

Kovalex by Level 2
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Could not create test write file for Documents error

Hi everyone! I want to try out Quill but I'm getting this error when I try to run it. I tried googling it and can't find anything. I also tried running the Oculus app as Admin, didn't seem to help. Finally, I tried manually creating the file "quillDu...

Quill animation play button doesnt work

hi guys, I have been playing Quill on my PC and recently connected my Rift to my laptop and tried to play Quill.I found that everything is fine but I can not draw any animation and wasn't able to play the animation which the quill file is already don...

Quill player as shared app?

Hi I'm secondary account on family's Quest 2. Quill player doesn't work for me (but it does for primary account). Should it work for me? I suspected that I needed to download again with my secondary account, as I have had to do for some other free ap...

Quill drawing issues on Quest 2, Radeon RX 6800

When I draw in Quill, my strokes are all mangled and twisted. It is especially noticeable with the square brush, but every brush is a mess for me. I've got a brand new high end PC with an AMD Radeon RX 6800 graphics card and a Quest 2 hooked up via L...

How to set up Quest or Quest 2 to use Quill?

Hi, I'm a newbie, trying to set up a borrowed Quest from Uni with my gaming PC.I understand you can use Facebook Quill app with a Quest, either with Virtual Desktop or with Link (cable?)Can someone point me to the right direction on how to set up Que...

Quill to Max?

I see a lot of information to make the vertex color run correctly when importing into Maya or blender, but what about 3ds Max? How can I make it work? I already tried with standard material and vertex color map and nothing (using v. 2020/21). Thanks!

Resolved! Quill Questions

Hello Everyone,I am looking for answers for a few questions that I haven't been able to find by searching here, r/Oculus and by using google.My Questions are as follows:1 ) Is there a mirror option ( similar to the one in medium ) that allows me to p...

Resolved! Can not export animations

Hey there,so I have trouble exporting my keyframe animation. If I select fbx (or Alembic) and check the "Export Animation" box in the exporter I get the message:"This file has transform/opacity key frames which currently can not be exported."I am hav...

New animated short film created in Quill VR. Hitman

Hi everyone! I just completed a short film using Quill. All the animation was created in Quill and then exported as an Avi movie clip and assembled in AE with some post work added.it's mock 50's style drug advert about a Hitman with chronic migraines...

Quill animation to Oculus Home

Hello,I'm just new to Quill and don't know much about 3D.However I would like to know if it is possible to create an animation in Quill, and then import it into the Oculus Home?I tried exporting the animation as .alembic in Blender, but when I export...

Keyframe Transform

Hello, Earlier today, I watched the Goro video about the new 2.0 animation features. I hadn't realized that there was a transform keyframe ability until then. I tried it, but every time I selected the frame with a keyframe on it (keyframe turned blue...

oculus rift beginner

hello alli am in the first step of my oculus experience, setting it up.i have the following laptop Dell Inspiron 7567 17Q41/Windows10/15.6/8GB/1TB SSHD/GTX1050TiWhen i follow the setup steps, I do not see anything in the VR headset. however, I can he...

jvia by Level 2
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A couple things that would be great in this already awesome application.Toggle play all keyframes - as of now whenever I create new keyframes for animation I have to press play for every new animated layer even whilst the others are playing, there sh...

How do I scale objects along one axis?

Hello hello, I am new to Quill, and using it to test how it is for set building, I am a Maya, Houdini user. I am scaling elements in two ways. One is by pressing the transform button on the layer itself, and using both hands lower trigger to scale it...

Getting a soft atmosphere feel in Quill

I really like the scale and soft atmosphere of this painting "World One" that I believe was done in Tilt Brush.Does anyone have any tips on getting a soft or atmospheric brush, or massing our aurora like areas like this in Quill?Even if the answer is...

Oculus Quest + Quill?

Re: title - will the Oculus Quest be released with Quill. It has the rift controllers so it should be compatible.

rlapham by Level 3
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FBX from Maya to Quill with vertex colors

Hi,I'd like to export objects from Maya to Quill in FBX with vertex colors.I can successfully do it the other way around.I even tried this:export object from Quillit has vertex colors: I can see it in Quill after importing it back and also in MayaI i...

hollov by Level 2
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Starting from zero

Hi, I wish to use Quill to draw and animate but I do not know how to start, I loaded the app but I got scary because I saw no tutorials. I can dedicate time to learn and my expectations are to end making short films, I did cinema school and I wish to...

dan108 by Level 5
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Importing .FBX, transform mess up

Hello, When I import in a 3D object into Quill (specifically .FBX in this case), it seems to not match the object location as it was in Maya.In my Maya file, the objects had transform values on it, quill seems to place each object in its zero transfo...

location thumbnails

Hi, I'm using Quill since a year now and it used to be when I saved a game and made a thumbnail, the picture would appear as a .png in the folder with my .qbin and .json files of that save. But from the projects I made in 2019 no thumbnails appear in...