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2 Question about the Rift S. Audio & Games, more.

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A few questions :smile:

Does the Oculus Rift S support my bluetooth headset? 
I know the Rift S has a 3.5 mm port for audio. But my headset has a BlueTooth-Station, connected with my PC. Is there any changes that i can use the Rift S with my default Windows Audio?

Is there any list of games that support the Rift S? 

And, if i pre-order now. Do i pay when the Rift S is being shipped to me (24 may for NL) or directly when i pre-order it?

Thank you! 🙂 
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I don;t know about your bluetooth questions.

But regarding games, the Rift S plays all the Rift games and vice versa (Rift can play Rift S games).  Rift S also plays games from STEAMVR.
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Volunteer Moderator
The Rift S doesn’t directly connect with Bluetooth headphones, but you can use audio from your PC, including headphones connected to your PC. You may not get the same quality of 3D spatial sound, since that’s processed on the headset. 

If you order from Oculus, they charge your credit card when they ship. I’m not sure about other payment methods—in the past, they charged immediately if you used PayPal. 

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