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360 photos blow up scale

Level 2

Can some one resolve this issue 

when I watch my 360 photos on phone it works perfectly fine even the cheapest Vr head set gives me good results but when I watch on oculus rift s the scale seem too big as I am standing 10 feet high on floor and every thing seems too big please tried all options given by oculus team but no difference please help


I owe a gopro 360 photos from them also bigger in scale basic youtube 360 videos also looks big in scale 


Desperately need help on this issue 


This were the solutions given by oculus, but all are in desired specs 


Hey @Maverick0880 and @Hal-2! We definitely relate with wanting to have your 360 photos and videos as immersive as possible. Not to worry, we'll get this resolved for you so you can continue to enjoy those experiences.

There could be a variety of reasons that things are showing up too large on your headset. A majority of 360 videos and photos that you see are adjusted in scale to fit the wider field of view of the Oculus headset to avoid black bars, which will make everything look larger. We have some things you can try below to make sure your setup is optimal for viewing 360 content.

- Which player are you using for 360 content?
- If the player has a zoom function, are you zoomed in at all?
- If the player has a render distance option, was this changed at all? Try setting both this and the zoom to your desired settings.
- Is the IPD on your headset correct? It is possible this issue is an IPD difference between the headset and the camera used to shoot the experience.
- Was the FOV adjusted?

Try adjusting the above settings to your desired. Let us know how this goes, and If the issue still persists, submit a support ticket here and include your Oculus Log files so we can rule out any hardware issues. Cheers!