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3th sensor connectivity

Level 2
hi all comunity members,
i have an oculus rift with a 3th sensor and it used to work fine but now it doesnt connect anymore.

i've already tried to open the driver but that doesnt help either. does anyone know what to do with this?

thank you

Level 2
i've been doing a little bit of experimenting and i think its the extention cable thats broken. ive tried different sensors with the cable and those connected with it seem to have the issue. is this a common thing?

Level 13
Can cables go out? < yes. Even though it doesnt seem like there are any moving parts - there is a bit of electronics in them that can wear out over heat. Stress on the cable can also wear them out. None electronic cables can also still wear out over as there is stress when they heat and cool wearing out the wire it self.