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Artificial or sunlight?

Level 2
Ok so I know the warning say not to expose the rift s to direct sunlight but but does that mean I have to completely cover up my window and use only artificial light? Or can I leave my blinds closed and call it good there with some sunlight coming through? I’m sure it’s a simple answer and I’m probably over thinking it but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Level 7
Don't let the lenses face sunlight coming through the window, and store with the lenses facing a low light area.
I have had a CV1 for over 2 years and use it in a brightly lit (by sunlight) room with zero issues, but the lenses never face the windows and it is stored in a shelf with the lenses facing the dark area in the rear.

I would not leave the Rift facing bright light sources even light globes for a prolonged period of time.

Level 12
The lenses are very powerful. When sunlight shines through them onto the LCD screen, the screen is burnt very quickly. It's just like using a magnifying glass to burn wood or paper.
Normal ambient light shouldn't be a problem, but never leave the headset where the sunlight can shine directly onto the lenses.
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