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Base Station compatibility for Rift S?

Level 2
I'm still slightly new to vr, but I've been looking around recently for things like full body vr(like the vive trackers) and the ability to have finger tracking(index controller). I came across a couple of posts from a year ago and thought I'd see if any better solution has come up, or better yet to re-suggest adding Base Station compatibility to the rift s to help with both dead zones, and add the possiblity of body trackers or the use of the index controllers. from what ive seen theres a couple of hacky ways to do full body, but they glitch alot when in use. I've yet to have to many problems with dead zones, but it has happened, and i think the suggestions i saw would work well, and open up doors for the rift s. if anyone knows of any newer solutions to full body im all ears for it.

Level 16
Q: "Base Station compatibility for Rift S?"

A: Zero - nada - nichts!

Base stations work with HTC Vive (and Cosmos Elite), Pimax and Index. WMR and Oculus hmds do not works with base stations. 

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Level 2 it is possible (Sorry it won't let me post direct link)