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Black Screen Problem

Level 2
Hey, I've got a problem that tons of other people got, but I wanted some clarification and to see if it would/would not work on my computer

So, the screens on my Rift don't display anything except black, and It may be my Laptop. Yeah, Laptop. I worry that the Rift may just not work, though I've heard and read that curtain DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 cables could work.

My laptop is a Levono Ideapad with an AMD a12-9720 processor and can run VR games, but the screens in the headset don't display anything. They turn on, but remain blank.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have a great 2019!

Level 7
From  @LZoltowski 's thread

For Laptops: Many laptops are incompatible with the rift, this
is because the HDMI port is wired to the Intel CPU, and not to the GPU
and/or not enough power is being delivered through the USB ports.

Known possible workarounds are:

Please review the entire posting for more help
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