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Black screen

Level 2
Hi all, Before I go into the issue, I have gone through the forums (here and on reddit), used google, used Youtube, and (of course) used the trouble shooting guide from Oculus. My issue, as of less than 12 hours ago my Oculus Rift (the original public release version) was working perfectly fine (first time I used in 2 years and first time on this computer). Ran beautifully, no issues. Went to bed, came back, wanted to pick up from where I left off and the headset is just giving me a black screen. The computer recognises and sees the headset, controllers, and sensors. I am getting sound. I am just not getting visuals. The headset recognises when it should be on (orange/white light changes as needed). I have checked my drivers are all up-to-date. As I said I went through all the trouble shooting steps provided by Oculus before moving onto community/user suggestions. My build is as follows: AMD Ryzen 9 3900x ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero 64 GB ram RTX 3070

Level 4

did u try this?-go to c/program files/oculus/support/oculus -drivers/ and run file oculus-driver it might not seem nothing is happening but it will overwrite necesary data ...this helped me when i had same problem described by u -it was caused by windows update overwriting some of oculus files