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Black screens on Rift S - I heed help

Level 2

Hi there, I've had my rift S for many years and haven't changed my configuration at all besides software updates. My Rift S has stopped working, not sure why... 


It has a black (no light) display, but the oculus software and my GPU still seem to be recognizing it. My GPU si even doing extra load to render imager for the headset, but the display is blank.


I've  been on google, it seems many people are having this problem. What the hell! Fix it. 


Currently my oculus rift is totally unusable and I am very unhappy. I have spend 2 hours troubleshooting it/ reinstalling software nd it's still not working. 



-The headset has a green check mark and appears okay in Oculus Devices

-The sound output to the Rift S show up in Windows 10 and the speakers work

-Headset has a white light inside, and a blue light on the outside when I pick it up and put it on.

-The white light inside the headset goes out when I put it on, it knows my face is inside. But no image on the screens


I've tried this troubleshooting already:

-Unplugging both headset cables, or just USB 3.0, and rebooting oculus software (from Beta>Restart Oculus) or restarting whole PC. I've tried unplugging and rebooting in every possible configuration

- Uninstalling Oculus software, deleting all files, and reinstalling (I've done this 3 times, 5GB download each time)

-Reseating the connection where the cable meets the Rift S

-Switching ports on my GPU

-Switching USB ports on my motherboard

-Removing the extension cables I usually use and plugging directly into pc (made no difference, still black screens).

-Checking for Win 10, GPU driver, USB driver, and Oculus updates


Please help me ASAP! I want to game and use my headset, but I cant, and apparently I'm not smart enough to figure out how to fix this myself. I've tried every suggestion of software installation/reboots/replugging that I could find. 


Please let me know why my headset isn't working, thanks!




Level 2

My rift s just started an error today saying Oculus has detected a problem with your graphics driver. It seems I get the same problem as you with the black screen. I have even tried previous nvidia drivers but no success so far =/

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello there, thank you for trying those troubleshooting steps. We understand how frustrating this can be. Please make sure that  your headset has the most recent update and if this is the case please go ahead and get in contact with Oculus support system. An agent will be happy to assist you with this issue in order to get you back to  gaming.