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Blurry vision?

Level 2

Hey guys!

I've been looking for answers for a long time but couldn't find anything really helpful.


So I bought my Oculus Rift S brand new during the pandemic and I didn't use it a lot because of some issues I always have, I have a very blurry vision which hurts my head a lot and I can't play for more than an hour if not less.


My vision is extremely blurry and the only way for me to see clearly is to tilt my head down a lot, maybe I don't put it properly on my head but I've tried many different ways to have it on and some different settings but I still have the same problem.


I do have prescription lenses but I don't wear them in VR, I don't see what's in the distance IRL but it shouldn't be a problem IRL since it's just a screen.


I would love to be able to enjoy my Rift S much more, so if you guys know anything please help me 😄


Btw, I'm not talking about fog btw, I'm aware of this issue ^^