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Level 2

So one of my siblings broke my rift s left controller and was wondering if I could get a replacement 


Level 8

I think with this new forum we are going to get a lot of these kinds of requests. No one here (except Showbiz Donkey) that I know if actually works for Oculus. We are users and VR enthusiasts. If you need help from the Oculus company, you need to contact them here at Oculus Support.

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Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there, while physical damage (accidental or otherwise) is not covered by Warranty, we're certainly more than happy to look into what options might possibly be available to us. Please click here to submit a ticket and include an image of the damage. Thanks!

Level 4

The Oculus store sells replacement controllers, at least for now. $70 here

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