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Bug that has completely RUINED VR for me

Level 2
So I've had my Rift S since around April/May. A couple of months into ownership my sound cuts out across all applications while playing Pavlov VR for around 10 minutes. At the time this only happened in Pavlov VR. This got progressively worse as the months passed. Fast forward to right now, every game I have is completely unplayable because 2 minutes in, the sound completely cuts out, forcing me to completely restart my computer and wait through 10 minutes of loading screens only to have it happen again. Oculus Support has been of absolutely no help at all and has not been responding to me for about 4 days now after a week of emailing back and forth. This is insanely infuriating as I have tried everything I could think of and my Rift S is still completely unplayable. This is unacceptable considering I paid over $400 for a product that stops working after a couple of months. 

Some of my specs: Ryzen 5 2600x, Radeon RX580, Corsair CX450M