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CV1 Cable Pinout for repair

Level 2
Hello everyone, I am working on rebuilding an Oculus CV1 cable without using the Spectra7 Microchip embedded in the headset end. This would be a full thickness HDMI paired with a full thickness USB 3.0 cable soldered into the CV1 heaset connector male end. The cable will end up being pretty bulky, but might fit the current need for CV1 cable repair and replacement. 

The issue that I am currently running into is finding the pinout specs for the CV1 cable. Several people have stated that Oculus personnel made the cable specifications public, but I haven't had any luck finding them. If anyone happens to have them lying around, or if anyone at Oculus is willing to send them to me I would very much appreciate it. Thanks for your time. 

Level 3
I suggested this on Brien Dorey's webpage in his attempt to repair the cables but with the Spectra7 microchip in there. I also read the pinouts are mapped online but have been unable to find them.

The length of the CV1 cable means you will need a repeater for the USB 3 portion or you will get connection issues. The replacement cable for the HDMI is is most likely HDMI 2.0 or above considering the data throughput of VR.

One way to find the pinouts would be to strip both ends of the cable and use a multimeter to trace the wiring between both ends mapping the pinouts that work. You can also compare the wiring colors of the original cable ends which would make the process a lot faster if you have multiple broken wires in the cable (multimeter traces won't work on broken wires).
I personally would strongly suggest putting a female USB+HDMI end on both the headset AND the PC side leaving the Spectra7/etc chipset there. Once you have all that soldered up, you would just need a decent 15ft male to male USB3 and HDMI 2+ cable to connect both ends and it should in theory work. This would make future cable replacement easy since there is an abundance of cheap male to male cables. 

My cable is still fine right now so I won't be taking it apart  anytime soon (fingers crossed); but I do have a headphone issue that is also out of stock. I may end up repairing the damaged headphone which is a cakewalk compared to the HDMI/USB cable issue.

Hopefully Oculus saves everyone the trouble and starts selling then again as this is a good source of profit for their company. I would personally still buy a Oculus Quest and keep my CV1 for my kids IF they showed they still cared about their customers. Not having the replaceable accessories in stock for my first VR headset has left me to look at other VR companies.