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CV1 camera sensor software integration for gen1 touch use with Rift S?

Level 4
I use a one-handed, permanently attached stock that I CAN NOT live without for competitive fps...I want the image quality update the rift s hmd offers, but to use the original controllers and sensors for hand tracking. 

@Oculus team devs: is this a possibility in the future that could be implemented? Basically, disable rift s hmd cameras and use existing drivers for hand tracking data.  I'd buy one tomorrow if you could confirm and would be a happy guinea pig for ya ?

Level 6
I have both CV1 and Rift S. When I connect both to my computer, Oculus settings just shows two set of devices, Rift S and the new touch controllers and Rift CV1 with old touch controllers. Then I have to choose one set of them to be the active device, the other set will just turn to sleep mode. So I cannot use CV1 camera&controller + Rift S HMD. 
But well, I think the controller tracking of Rift S is as good as the CV1. The HMD tracking of Rift S is worse than CV1 during fast movement/tapping (I can notice the jittering) though. 

Level 4
Im not concerned about the tracking (I am, but thats not the issue), Im concerned about not being able to use an accessory that I can not do without for high level gameplay in a competitive league fps.  The new controller design does not allow a solution such as this.