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Cables please??????

Level 2
I have 3 rift headsets , me and my brothers , all of our cables show red lines , sound is a disaster , keeps going on and off till it is finaly off forever and we can no longer play , we don't want to get a rift S we just want a cable replacement , please we rereal need to find a solution in this issue , it is not convenient that we bought a a 1200$ worth of headset with no support for cables that break very much often , and we just bought them . ... . So please would you provide us with any help ? 

Level 7
Be sure to that you and your brothers take time to vote at Oculus user voice:

If you have friends and family members who use the headsets, have them vote too. Feel free to comment as well. You're in the same boat as many of us, and it's a bad one.