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Can i use index controllers with Rift S on oculus

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I have a rift s and want to get the index controllers. The only problem is that my friends have a quest 2 so i play on oculus with them. I use steamVR but i am wondering if oculus supports finger tracking from the index controllers when im using oculus and not steam vr.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Oculus and Index use very different tracking technology and there's no direct way to use them together. However in SteamVR its possible to make a hybrid system if you have Index controllers, light house base stations and 2 wireless dongles (either bought individually, taken from a Vive tracking puck or reprogrammed from a steam controller). But there are issues, like needing to occasionally resync the tracking spaces.

That will only work with SteamVR software though, no native Oculus software will work (even if you bought it on Steam. For example Dirt is on steam but has no SteamVR support, just native Oculus). So you won't get index finger tracking when in Oculus software, you won't get the controllers at all.

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