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Level 2
I have had the rift S for a few weeks now. Yesterday and today after so long my audio stops and all anyone can hear is crackling. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. I have checked my mic with a separate mic and it works fine. The issue seems to be with the mic integrated in the headset. Why is it constantly going into crackle all the time. 

Also is there a fix for the USB orange error. My drivers are all up to date so I know there is no issue with my system. All my ports are 3.0 and above.

Level 16
Have you updated to the latest 1.40 ptc?  That seems to be recommended for Rift S users.  Also, go into your windows sound control panel and make sure that your rift headset has enhancements disabled and advanced seting to 44100hz cd quality.
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