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Level 2

Ive been working through P3Dv5.1 trying different settings within the Sim - attempting to balance performance with visuals and FPS. Not long after installing V5.1 I started to receive the "DXGI Hung Device error- GTX 1080" window and that was according to LM related to Enhance Atmospherics being selected so my problem was fixed by simply turning it off. The Sim has been error free for a couple of months. Lately however when I select "disable VR" (Oculus Rift S) I consistently receive the same message- "Hung device error - GTX 1080" with the narrative about P3D closing etc. I am able to fly for as long as I wish, change aircraft and adjust settings as long as I don't try to disable VR. While operating in VR, the sim runs smoothly with with good FPS - set around 30. The type of aircraft doesn't seem to matter.
I have tried rolling back to an Nvidia driver that I knew to function correctly but I receive the same error. In P3D content errors I find nothing which might provide a clue to my problem.

I use a capable, liquid cooled Alienware computer with GTX 1080 and Oculus Rift S. My sliders are selected in the 50% range and my frame rate is set to 30 but regulated my the Nvidia control panel. I use most Orbx products.


Warren (aspen31)