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Distributing to local client site

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Hello guys,

Here's specification of my future app:
- VR Simulation App.
- Using old Oculus Rift, with two sensors
- Made with Unity.
- Using Leap Motion! we're not using Oculus Touch or any controller supported by Oculus (important point here).

I would like to ask about distribution of our team's VR Simulation App

My client site don't have access to internet (secured and very private place), they have 30 PCs in their classroom.
I would like to ask how it's possible to install my VR App on their classroom?

My currently solution is:
1. Plug temporary internet modem with SIM Card, install Oculus Home App, set up Oculus with temporary Oculus Touch calibration, just because Oculus Home don't let me proceed without at least one controller calibration.
2. Install our App.
3. Launch Oculus Home
4. Launch our App

Problem with these:
1. It's unreliably expensive to buy SIM Card Data here*. You can imagine that we need to download + install Oculus driver, Oculus Home App, must update it to proceed. Moreover, after update, it ask for another update. Multiply this for 30 PCs and you get 200 GB++ of SIM Card Data to buy .
2. It's unreliably slow connection with SIM Card, our team needs about 3-5 days to update 30 PCs Oculus Home App. Still, Oculus Home App won't proceed if we don't update it. The SIM signal is very low in this private place, and it keeps disconnecting*.
3. Sometimes we have to recalibrate Oculus Touch, even if we don't use Oculus Touch. Again, Oculus Home App won't proceed if we don't recalibrate it.
4. We have to start Oculus Home App before starting Our own app. 

I'm asking for any available solution:
1. Please can we just use Oculus driver downloaded on our office? So that we can just install that driver on client site without any internet.
2. If we can't get Oculus driver, can we at least have minimal pre-downloaded all dependency of Oculus Home (without the needs to update on client site)
3. We do have centralized local server on the client site. At least can we download once on the server and distribute the Oculus Home App to 30 PCs from that downloaded App?
4. Please can we choose not to recalibrate the Touch? It's very time consuming process, we don't use the touch, and sensors are fixed on the table (won't move). 
5. We though that Oculus Home checks for some time interval, so that it will update regularly, and recalibrate regularly. Can we disable these?
6. Can we not start Oculus Home App before starting our own app? Which is very confusing for our client, they wanted to try VR simulation but instead shown a Zen Garden.

1. Please understand that our client almost never touch computer before and don't know how to operate computer, they can't understand English as fluent as the Oculus Home interface. How to re calibrate technology they have never seen before? They just wanted to try VR technology which we try to provide.
2. Please don't compare our country to any developed country, a simple touch of VR technology in a developing country like us is all we need here. Our client don't have skills to operate computer, but they are happy when we brought VR to their classroom. They can just turn on the PC and put on HMD.

I don't know if it's correct to bring this, but we choose Oculus because it's Facebook. Please FB, have mercy on developing country.. We just wanted to bring VR to those uninitiated..

Level 2
bump, can someone help me?