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Dropped support without no warning, broken headset.

You dropped support without giving me a notice? Why? I have a broken cable and now i cant buy one. I have a $400 paperweight. Thanks Oculus



Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey @Darkness_Fills_You, we'd like to look further into this. Can you please provide your ticket number? Thank you.

@OculusSupport wrote:

Hey @Darkness_Fills_You, we'd like to look further into this. Can you please provide your ticket number? Thank you.

Hey there "support", you want to look into mine too because I was just told the same thing yesterday as well. Or is Oculus support just flat out lying on the forums now to try to save face?

There you go, there's my ticket number at least so we can see, I'll be awaiting your response to see if you actually would offer anything to attempt to fix my paperweight or if this is a bluff.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager


Hi Nick! We can understand the frustration when your Rift S controller is not tracking properly. When reviewing your ticket, it does show that your headset is out of warranty.


We are actively looking into this for you, and to see what further troubleshooting steps we can provide.


Thank you for your extended patience as we work to find a resolution. 





I'm sorry but what resolution?


"While it isn't possible to obtain a replacement or repair for this unit at this time, please rest assured that our team is evaluating options for customers who are no longer covered by warranty. 
When further information and updates regarding this are available, we will post information on our communications channels, so I would keep an eye there. "


That is what I have been told on my ticket, that is still all I have been told, that is exactly what the OP of this thread is saying. You have dropped support.

Why does your comment try to make it sound like you haven't? I have been told now numerous times over mail that you have and there isn't anything else, just wait for this alleged "update"
It's dishonest to make the OP of this thread look like what he is saying isn't the case while you turn around and keep telling people separately it is.

Looking at the influx of Rift users who now have paperweights or the three dots of death or by just using the device and it failing do to shoddy materials. (The cord can be cut into with a fingernail which is absurd for 400 dollar equipment)

And the fact that Oculus Support has been outed in the forums. They plan replace parts for a few people COMBINED with the fact they are out of stock of said headsets and parts and those users are waiting a month or more?

Might wanna start browsing amazon for a replacement.

Hope everyone is keeping close track of their support numbers and saving messages. Should Oculus fall short on their promises and fail to the deliver on these parts. Parts that we all know, aren't sitting in their warehouse (they stopped production late 2020 and cleared stock early to mid 2021.)

They maybe soon be held to the same standards that saw Microsoft in court over the Xbox with their lack of replacement parts and support for it.

It would be a very dark cloud to be under as one of the few large VR producers to also be known as: "the one you buy if you if only want to play for a few months."

Or the MadCatz of VR as I preffer "drifts straight out of the box and only works sometimes."

But judging by the amount of time people are spending waiting to get their Rift/Rift S working again, Oculus support is shooting for the statute of limitations and not to actually help.
People waiting for months is oculus support blatantly and blindly hoping the user forgets or gives up.

Seriously at that point the molds could be pulled out of storage or slapped back into an injector and a few thousand parts cranked back out ez-pz.

Friendly reminder that it's been one month and they have done absolutely nothing additional about this, nor do I see any sign of the alleged "announcement of more detail of what they would do for customers like me" yet that I was told to "keep looking out for"


I'd say I'm shocked but - I don't really believe in lying in public, apparently unlike Oculus support 😉


Edit: Sorry, but no, I couldn't be more done with this, I've already gone through all the "troubleshooting steps" to the point that I've gone through a loop of them at this point and none of them have worked each time, and I've already said that. 



Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi TheFishPuncher! We'd like to apologize for any sort of unpleasant experience you've had in the past, and we'd like the opportunity to resolve this. 


There were some troubleshooting steps provided in your previous ticket; if these did not work, please respond to the email in your inbox with up-to-date logs so we can further identify and attempt to resolve this for you.


More information on how to get the zip file of those logs can be found here.



I am going through the same process.  I am glad someone is posting this but this user isn't the only one and I can only assume it is a LOT more people.


I have sent in 10 log files... and so far I have got the same generic steps.


I am going to keep working my issue, but this reply must be from a bot, because it is clear from the reply they have not understood this users suggestion.