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Enable CV1 sensors for Rift S tracking boost. (30-40% of my games not viable on Oculus hardware.)

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The Problem:
Every game that has gunplay, archery, or throwing mechanics, "advanced" grabbing mechanics, or otherwise use any form of movement outside of swinging a simple sword, are now a nearly unplayable experience do to the Rift S tracking. That is up to 30 to 40% of the content in the Oculus Store my library.
And many of those games are the most played content. (See example list below.)

I'm finding every FPS shooter, every archery game, every grenade throw, every backward stab with a sword, every dual wielding mage build holding back a horde of enemies both in front and behind me, to be a complete garbage experience now in the Rift S.
And there is no available solution since the CV1 is not available.
All of those developers are going to suffer for it. And the percentage the Oculus store gets will too.

The Solution:
Sell the CV1 sensors and have it work with the Rift S as a "boost" in tracking. You get to sell more hardware. You make more money from those of us who need it for games that require it.

You created the problem yet you don't make money off it.
We should not have to beg for a solution that you already have said can be done in other posts.
Also, maybe notify customers on the store page for those games that it best used with a sensor for the best experience. (As you already do for how intense an experience is and for the play area requirement.)

The examples listed below are just a few games available in the Oculus store with no warning about it not working properly on ANY available Oculus hardware since the CV1 was taken down.
  1. Onward: Can't scope, can't hold two handed guns and aim, can't throw grenades properly.
  2. Zero Caliber: Can't scope guns or hold two handed rifles. Period.
  3. Echo Arena: Can't rotate hand behind you for movement, hold, and dodging mechanics.
  4. Lone Echo: Can't grab behind you for basic movement and hold positions.
  5. ANY game with archery & slingshot mechanics: Too many to list. You now have to draw your arrow with "hipfire" and hope for the best.

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donnyjoe said:

Improvements for controller positional estimation in the Rift software should come, but developers could also do some work to mitigate these issues, and surely will. (Look at what they're doing in Iron Man VR on PSVR.) I get where you're coming from but a lot of these issues are being greatly exaggerated (especially your "30-40%" figure, I'm betting) and judging the merits of new hardware based on how it handles old titles that haven't even had a chance to get updated to adapt isn't really fair.

What I should have said is 30% to 40% of my library.
And some of the rifle handling issues have been hotfixed by the game developers. So now we have gimmicky snap positions for weapons. Talk about immersion breaking.

I'm sure as less archery and FPS games are put out there for Oculus, given recent situations going on, then the percentage of games in the store that function correctly will rise. They could remove all games that don't work well and say 100% of all their content now functions. Seems to be their approach in curating other developers lately. Percentages are all relative in that respect.

Not to add to the issues but we also can't rack slides on pistols due to the inverted rings being in the way. Not without causing real damage to the touch controllers.
And I'm not mentioning anything outside the oculus store like Skyrim VR or Fallout. Because that isn't in their wheelhouse in the first place.

I have since paid out of pocket to get my CV1 back. If they fix the Rift S maybe I'll buy another. But nearly a month later and watching their other drama unfold, it doesn't look like that will happen unfortunately.
And that's a shame. I've been a fan of their HMD since the beginning.

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I requested a refund today. The sniper rifle in Arizona Sunshine was the last straw. Still waiting to hear back...

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I've found grenade throwing to be much better on the S than my 3 sensor CV1.
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And secondly they should patch the software to allow us to use Constellation tracking. - They first said "We could enable this later" and then I messed CEO of Oculus on Twitter and they basically said "It would be a lot of hard work to enable Constellation tracking in the software".

It really annoys me that they don't listen to us - and what kind of a response is that? Do any of us really care how much work it takes for them to patch Constellation tracking into Rift S software? It's their problem that they created.

I can imagine a few scenarios where mixing insight and constellation would be hard.
1 - the IR frequency might not match. Interestingly, if you have a Rift-S on and you switch to passthrough, you can see old touch LEDs glowing brightly, but new touch LEDs aren't visible. That sounds like the opposite of what should happen, but something is odd there.
2 - wireless might be different. The CV1 uses a modified BLE connection, running at a non standard frequency (which is why bluetooth dongles can't see any of the devices). It uses this to communicate with the touch controllers, and it also uses it to sync the cameras. The lights flash, the cameras must be in sync otherwise it won't work. If they changed the wireless for Rift-S, then that's why it can't pair with the Remote and why they aren't supporting old Touch or sensors. The remote is such a simple device with no tracking, just 9 buttons, it would be easy to continue supporting in both headsets if the wireless system was unchanged.

But if neither of those is true, then it might be possible. They haven't provided any real explanation on why they won't. "It's hard" is too vague.

I don't have my hopes up for ever seeing constellation / insight fusion though. 😞

(I almost went back to my CV1 yesterday, the panel res of the Rift-S is no longer outweighing the tracking flaws for me. Even in a game like ETS2 where there's no hand tracking, occasionally the Rift-S will lose all position tracking and turn into a 3DOF DK1/Go, so I can't lean around in the cabin until I unplug/replug the usb cable)
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This should be quite easy to fix. What would sensors not track if too close? I'd say because they are too bright for it as it should have totally no problem with distance. So it is too big a target on the camera to tell it's position. So to fix this it either needs the power in in the Touch reduced overall OR made to be dynamic (less power when close to headset).

They got it wrong by not using any illumination from the headset for IR. This is all it needs and not bad Room Lighting nor daylight.

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Oculus has just informed me that since I am past 30 days they will not accept a refund for the the product..... despite the issues I'm having

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Wondering...would anyone be interested in a video of me going apeshit with a sledge hammer on this Rift S? Since I can't get a refund, maybe I can raise the $ for a Vive THAT way....

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You knew that. That's the same for whoever you buy from. I could just as easily buy it again but without bringing out add-on headphones and fixing close to head's a no for now...then by the end of year there will be more choices that are better.

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MAC_MAN86 said:

You knew that. That's the same for whoever you buy from. I could just as easily buy it again but without bringing out add-on headphones and fixing close to head's a no for now...then by the end of year there will be more choices that are better.

No, that's not generally true for a FAULTY product. It did not work as advertised. Last time I checked that's called faulty. Not to mention the fact that I started talking refund almost a week ago within my 30-day period.... But it took Oculus 5 days to get back to me....

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What you get is a replacement or are you insinuating they are a mafia (*hehe)