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Enable CV1 sensors for Rift S tracking boost. (30-40% of my games not viable on Oculus hardware.)

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The Problem:
Every game that has gunplay, archery, or throwing mechanics, "advanced" grabbing mechanics, or otherwise use any form of movement outside of swinging a simple sword, are now a nearly unplayable experience do to the Rift S tracking. That is up to 30 to 40% of the content in the Oculus Store my library.
And many of those games are the most played content. (See example list below.)

I'm finding every FPS shooter, every archery game, every grenade throw, every backward stab with a sword, every dual wielding mage build holding back a horde of enemies both in front and behind me, to be a complete garbage experience now in the Rift S.
And there is no available solution since the CV1 is not available.
All of those developers are going to suffer for it. And the percentage the Oculus store gets will too.

The Solution:
Sell the CV1 sensors and have it work with the Rift S as a "boost" in tracking. You get to sell more hardware. You make more money from those of us who need it for games that require it.

You created the problem yet you don't make money off it.
We should not have to beg for a solution that you already have said can be done in other posts.
Also, maybe notify customers on the store page for those games that it best used with a sensor for the best experience. (As you already do for how intense an experience is and for the play area requirement.)

The examples listed below are just a few games available in the Oculus store with no warning about it not working properly on ANY available Oculus hardware since the CV1 was taken down.
  1. Onward: Can't scope, can't hold two handed guns and aim, can't throw grenades properly.
  2. Zero Caliber: Can't scope guns or hold two handed rifles. Period.
  3. Echo Arena: Can't rotate hand behind you for movement, hold, and dodging mechanics.
  4. Lone Echo: Can't grab behind you for basic movement and hold positions.
  5. ANY game with archery & slingshot mechanics: Too many to list. You now have to draw your arrow with "hipfire" and hope for the best.

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Volunteer Moderator

Protocol7 said:

There are numerous reports on Reddit that tracking for Rift S users has been significantly improved in the 1.39 PTC update. Has anyone here noticed an improvement?

It did seem a lot better in oculus home holding a controller near my head. I'll have to give Lone Echo a try.
Using the bow and arrow in home still sucked though.

I started Arktika 1, got to the robot, then all tracking died. Not just dropping back to 3DOF like the Rift-S has been doing for me, but a message comes up saying the headset can't be tracked and nothing works (no buttons, no rotations or head or hands), but it still renders. That's new (and worse than usual). Might just need a reboot after the update.
(I'm cursed, I've never made it past the first robot in Arktika 1. Something always goes wrong, using the game crashing or the game logic failing so the robot is invulnerable. Or both times I've tried it with a Rift-S I've lost tracking in some way)

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Oculus backpedalled on the refund because the issue has been ongoing since we'll within the 30 days. They have approved a refund pending factory inspection.

However, after the reports I switched to the Beta 1.39 and the tracking actually IS a lot better, at least upon initial impression.

I'm trying to act in good faith and troubleshoot (within reason), and I would really rather it just work as intended than to bother with all of this.

To add complication, I'm now getting a lot more of the random static/blackout issues. Im thinking the cable has a break inside it, because it seems correlated with cable movement.

Should I just take the refund while it's possible nda sit back for a couple months to see what happens? I'm torn between being excited about the prospect that it might actually work fully as intended and dread that it may never fully achieve that- in particular if I burn my opportunity to get a refund while I hold out hope in good faith.


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You should definitely do the sledgehammer thing