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Frayed and Broken cable possibility

Level 3
One thing to consider when you start diagnosing why your headset shuts off or you experience erratic behavior is the cable. 
You turn your head and POOF, the screen blanks out.
The imagery of the game gets intense, POW here comes the heavy static and snowy flashes.
Heavy users will notice that the cable is now wrinkly, twisted and may even be split open on close inspection.
I have stepped on mine, rolled chairs over it constantly and yanked it repeatedly. Unfortunately, you cannot see internal damage if the casing is still solid.
Don't rush out and order a new cable until you are somehow sure thats where the problem lies. (Your problem could be something totally different and at $80.00 for a new cable, you want to be sure !!!).  :
---Cable good or bad, there is still an issue where the headset keeps losing either the USB or the display port connection. I have to constantly keep pulling the plugs and reseating them to awaken everything. Don't know why this is happening.

Good luck to all the Tethered Terrestrials. 🙂