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Games corrupting

Level 2

Yesterday I just bought boneworks ans beatsaber after I installed them on steam I launched beatsaber first. It worked just fine no problems. After that I tried boneworks and it worked just fine. I woke up today to play a bit of beatsaber, but when I launched it the white light on the headset tuned orange/red and the display turned off. Then my controllers turned off, then a notification came up saying that the display port cable wasn't connected even though it was, then it said it couldn't track the headset. After that I reset the headset on steam vr but that did nothing. I had to restart my computer unplug the headset and put it back in. When I go on to devices it says that the headset it connected but my controllers aren't. So I launch first contact. It gives me a notification saying my controllers aren't connected. When this first happend I tried to pair them by clicking both of the pair buttons didnt work so I skipped the controller set up and then I restart my pc once more. I launch first contact and get the notification then I skip. Finaly my controllers and headset pair again. I have 3 games that work. Walking dead, pavlov amd rec room. Before all of this when I first got my headset everything worked then I tried to launch h3vr. Unlike boneworks and beatsaber this never worked first time but it had the same effect and crashed everything. I've reinstalled steam vr, oculus, updated all my drivers but nothing seems to work. If I could get any help or clues on how to fix this I will be very grateful. Anyway have a good day.