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Games not launching

Level 2

Hi everyone,


I recently bought an Oculus rift S and it was all working perfectly however certain games aren't launching or have stopped launching, these games are Trover saves the universe and Rick and morty's virtual rick-ality. Trover won't even launch an application nothing will happen when I try to launch it, but with rick and morty I was able to play it once but after then all that opens is the application with a white screen which then crashes immediately. I know it's not my laptop being unable to run them as it has run one of the games before and is way above the minimum specs required. Any help is appreciated.


Level 15

@Esarhal  I have only had this problem in the past when my graphics setting were too high.  If you are using ODT or OTT to set super sampling (SS) you may want to drop this back to 1.0x SS.  Likewise, with Steam games make sure to limit SteamVR settings/video SS to 100% for everything to start off with.  Also, make sure your Win10 and graphics drivers are up to date.


You can also contact Oculus support and see if they can help identify the cause of your problem and help you sort it out.  Good luck mate.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply I am not using ODT or OTT but have had a look at ODT and set that so that it's not trying to run at high graphics and is still not working I've also tested whether it's the game or oculus store meaning I can't run them by using the steam version of Trover however it's the same issue. Both my graphics and Win10 Drivers are up to date, I just have no idea what the problem could be I've contacted support and they are struggling to find a solution. 
Many thanks for trying though.

Did you ever get this fixed? I am having the same issue. I can’t play either game