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Help! Oculus Windows 11 or Headset issue?

Level 3

Hello all,


Please help, I have not been able to use my flight rig for a few months now! My oculus is holding me back all of a sudden. I have been working on my flightsim rig, unsuccessfully, and when I came back to Oculus a week ago to test my headset it started having tracking issues! I am not sure when Oculus started failing, but I noticed it with the latest updates.


I was flying happily under Windows 11 until now. I was in DCS doing a mission, everything was working fine until about 5 minutes and my "hands" get stuck, then it progresses rapidly to giving me dark room errors. I tried reinstalling the headset through oculus software, and the sensors always instantly tested fine in setup. Yet the problem persisted.


Now comes the fresh hell. So I next uninstalled the Oculus Software and drivers and such, AND NOW THEY WON'T INSTALL! It tells me I have to have 9.8 gb of freespace, I go to the next page and the status bar only shows needing 5gb to install. It takes its sweet time steadily installing up to 100%, and at the very end it says:



Something in the imstallation failed.


Now I cannot get this working and I have tried all sorts of clean install, restart combos. I flew happily for almost 2 years, even on Windows 11.


I dont know if my headset is broke, the software is broke, or both.



Omen Custom 15 Laptop.

Windows 11 10.0 Build 22468

32gb ram

Intel 9750H 2.60 Ghz @12 core

RTX 2060.

USB 3.0 directly in port no hub


Customer service stopped responding! HELP! SOS! . . . - - . . . !





Level 4

oculus software is broke i have issues with oculus link on windows 11 i use a quest 2 and the main issue it give me is ether bad performance or windows 11 doesn't see the driver with me anyway its a driver issue but virtual desktop works with no issues. if your using a rift head set then i would say downgrade to windows 10 until oculus can fix it

Hello! Thank you,


Have you had any issues getting the software to install or have you not removed it since being on the latest Windows 11?


I'm not sure I know how to go back to windows 10.


Could anyone else also chime in on Windows 11 or issues installing or sudden tracking issues? 


Thank you very much, this sucks.



Hello all,

It has been 2 whole months with no Oculus. My problem is finding a way of getting back to Windows 10. 


Could someone give me instructions on a way to go back to Windows 10, without losing my work?

I have been on 11 for several months.


I cannot lose any of my work going back to Windows 10, but I will DOWNGRADE my whole system, if my work remains. I need someone to show me the way.


Or provide maybe an alternate solution I need one! DESPERATELY!




. . . - - . . .



P.S This will certainly be the last Oculus I ever own. What a joke, I loved my Rift S until FB "Discontinued" it. My headset isnt even 3 years old and it is already DISCONTINUED.