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Hey even though they are not selling the RIFT, will all games still work with this headset?

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I think the gun-type controllers are dope and the floor sensors are a bit annoying but anyways still cool. 
i was wondering if the games will always work for this model that may come out?


There probably won't be many Rift-specific games in the future but SteamVR games are still going strong and the Rift can play those.

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Quest native games will most likely never work on PC, and therefore never on a Rift. But any PC VR game for Oculus should work on the Rift CV1. When running Link, a Quest becomes just a Rift, it has no features (from a developer point of view) that the CV1 lacks. Hand tracking isn't accessible with Link and the inside out tracking cameras are hidden from developers.


Of course any Quest native game with no PC port won't work on a Rift. For example Hand Physics Lab (which is great) has no PC version, it's Quest only (since only Quest has hand tracking).


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In short - yes. All games here should work just perfectly:


Your Rift hmd never supported Gear VR or Go anyway - same for the games in the Quest Store. 

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As kojack and Rune have said, yes.


The Quest is a Rift when Linked and more people are using it as a Rift than ever before. Whether using SteamVR or Oculus Home library, it's all Rift compatible software so the incentive to develop for either platform is the same as it always has been, and the incentive to maintain Rift functionality is greater than it's ever been.

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