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Horizontal scanline distorsion/refresh in distant textures.

Level 3

I just got a Rift S, and I’m noticing refresh/judder of the horizontal scan lines especially when moving my head, more prominent on further/distant textures.

This is not a defect but more like an LCD refresh thing. Its hard to explain, look at a texture that is more distant and move your head slightly and pay attention to the symmetry of the fine horizontal scan lines, are you noticing they roll a bit like a refresh loosing their symmetry? Like noise or instability of those fine scan lines. If I stop moving they become stable/symmetric again. It is easier to spot on gray textures.

This is driving me nuts as I notice them, maybe Im sensitive to this. OLED does not have this manifestation and screen door(scan lines) effect is perfectly stable with OLED displays. 

Can any of you look and confirm this? I noticed this same effect on some console LCD screens that were tuned to a certain frequency where some exhibited this and other identical units did not.

To replicate this:
Just look at a distant texture and tilt your head left/right notice there are juddering of the horizontal scan lines almost as if they double briefly then stop when you stop moving your head.

Do all Rift S exhibit this behavior? or some have their LCD’s refresh tunned differently, for me it is very distracting presenting as noise or distorsion of the fine horizontal lines...

I would greatly appreciate anyone/everyone that can test this or Oculus tech input.


Level 2
Yes, I believe I am having the same issue. I believe this is where my issue is with the nausea. I have zero problems with nausea on my Rift but the S I just got is giving me problems with multiple games that I have tried. I adjusted it to "performance" over "quality" but it doesn't seem to fair any better. I really hope that there is something that I can do to mitigate the "chopping" on the screen because I really do love the new S features.

Level 2
I have the same problem, horizontal lines, like a bad refresh rate. Is this normal, or is a problem?

Sorry for my english.