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How to move OVRPlayerController and OVRCameraRig together?

Level 3

Hi All, I am working on one Oculus project in that I am getting the following issue:

The OVRPlayerController is not moving with OVRCameraRig. I am using the Unity version(2019.4.15f1) and OVRPlugin version (1.66.0).

I have added the CharacterCameraConstraint script to my OVRPlayerController but still I am getting the same issue.

Can anyone tell me how I can move the OVRPlayerController and OVRCameraRig together?

Thanks in advance.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi there, alivenow!


While our community is a wonderful place, we think it may be worth your while to ask this in our Oculus Developer forums. You may get a more in-depth response there. Here's a link to other forums here


We hope this helps!