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I am having serious stuttering and bad display.

Level 2
This is my second rift this month after an hdmi issue ruined my first straight out of the box. Now after moving my setup to a different house it has huge stuttering every time I turn my head and the graphics are unplayable unless I stand absolutely still.
My laptop was vr ready when I bought it last month and I have only used steam twice with is before.
Any fixes other than taking it back again?

Level 2
IF you haven't already done it, try reinstalling the Oculus software and if that doesn't fix it reset windows. It's not an easy fix but knowing what programs you install along with the Rift should make it clear if it's a software issue. If your laptop was VR ready and worked it isn't the laptop unless it won't play games without stuttering. Could be your USB 3.0 drivers as well. Maybe Windows did you the favor of "updating" one of your drivers so check those as well before hitting the reset. Best of luck! 

Level 16
Make you're using Forceware 417.35 or newer if you're using a Nvidia video card.
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