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I can't install the Rift Software "sorry we encountered an error during installation"

Level 2
I just bought the rift and when i try to install the Oculus Software (download was clean)  it give me this error :
"Sorry we encountered an error during installation, please restart the pc"

I tried everything i could see on the net like , restarting of course, deleting the "oculus" folder in c/program, trying to redownload the software, desactivating the anti virus etc... 
nothing work, so please if someone have an idea, i would welcome him as a GOD !!! Thanks a lot.

Level 2
Same problem here. I am also did all of this and nothing.

Level 2
same but mine is on a previous install, cant access my games

Level 8
If others are still having this problem, if you have a proxy enabled in Internet options, disable that and try again.  That fixed it for me.

Level 3
Did you run the setup as an admin? 
My PC-Specs:

I7 8700k - 16Gb DDR4 3200 Ram. (2x8) - RTX 2080 Ti