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I'd like to thank kojack for proving my point entirely

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I see my other thread was closed, fair enough, but it seems the entire point zoomed right over top of the moderator's heads.  I'm not surprised, considering my first interactions on this thread I was insulted by a moderator, it shows the kind of forum this is, petty and small, and loaded with favoritism.

TaintFist said:

MAC_MAN86 said:

I had wondered why this thread wasn't already created. When users ask for help there is no call to make threads turn into debates and arguments. Ban @Zen please.

Sadly, the moderators can do nothing. 

We can ban troublemakers. Frankly, that's you. From your "Screw this forum" thread to this childish attack thread, your behaviour on here is worse than anything Zenbane has been doing.

That is a quote from the final post in the thread I made to prove a point, and a great thanks to the moderator kojack for proving that point for me.  Yes, I was very rude to Zenbane in that thread, but, as expected, even though EVERY word I wrote in that thread was 100% true, MY behavior is the only behavior looked at.  I'm admitting I behaved badly in that thread, I ADMIT IT, that was THE POINT.  The point also was that Zenbane broke several of the forum rules MANY times over, and nothing happened.  Oh and I get it kojack, I'M the troublemaker, because I have the audacity to call out Zenbane.  I get it, the guy lives here, he has almost 12k posts, which on this forum, well, it's almost all of the traffic here.  I get it, he's your friend in Oculus rift.  So yeah, he can behave however he likes, but if I challenge his behavior, I'M the BAD GUY, I'm the TROUBLEMAKER.  Uh huh.  Yup, I made a childish attack thread, but it was to prove a point, and kojack proved it for me.  Zenbane can attack anyone and not so much as a warning is given.  Attack Zenbane and you get warnings and your thread gets closed by his friends.  Try to find anything constructive coming out of Zenbane in here, good luck:

Now, Zenbane and now the incredible kojack want to keep pointing back to my, "Screw this forum," thread.  Yup, I wrote that.  But I wrote it under the assumption that this forum was broken as shit, because I had just sat for 45 min trying to post my very first post on this forum, being told my post would be posted if, "approved."  I tried to post in 3 other threads, same result, then I also was told I couldn't post again for 120 seconds because of spamming (I hadn't posted anything yet).  Even after 120 seconds, that message persisted, continuing to tell me I couldn't post for another 120 seconds.  So yeah, I wrote that, "Screw this forum," thread, in my mind at the time I thought it was valid.  Of course I later found out I had been caught up in a glitch of the, "auto spam filter," that apparently affects a few people now and then on their first post, but I didn't know that at the time.  Once enough time had passed, I was finally able to post, and I realised it must have been a glitch (my posts were sitting at the bottom of threads as drafts).  So I clicked post, they posted.  I went to the, "Screw this forum," thread draft (since it didn't post either) I had created and deleted it, but this awesome bug riddled forum posted it up anyway.  I will note too, that an actual moderator made a snide, insulting comment in that thread as well, it really speaks to how well this forum is moderated, when the moderators insult new members.  But I explained all of this in the final post of that thread (when I realised it existed), where I asked for it to be removed, and it was closed.  But sure, keep pointing back to it, because Zenbane and the moderators are so fucking perfect, they've never once said or typed something in anger during a bad experience.  Yup, let's memorialize that thread and remember it forever as the only example of me on this forum.  Fucking sticky that shit.

I get it.  Zenbane has been on this forum since it was just him.  He loves this little forum.  He also is the creator of the circle jerk mega happy super friend thread, so because the moderators are all friends with this punk, he is free and clear to shit all over new members to this forum with impunity.  That is why this forum sucks, that is why I called it a high school clique, that is the entire point of why I made that thread about Zenbane, to prove a point that all the newer members have noticed, that Zenbane is free to belittle, berate, insult, demean, and shit all over whoever he wants, and doesn't even get a warning for it.

Do I have to go and highlight all of his bullshit for the moderators?  Do I have to do 99% of the job for you before anything is done?  Here, let me post the rules as a reminder, then take a stroll through
Remember though, don't just moderate me, moderate Zenbane as well.  I admit I gave as good as I got in that thread with him, but I was responding to his attacks, I also more than once tried to end it, but Captain Modfriend just kept on.

Oculus Forum Rules

0. First and foremost, don't be a jerk.

You know when you're being one, so don't do it.

If the moderators are choosing to not see their buddy Zenbane's other actions on this forum, they must at the very least see this is nearly every one of his smug, snide posts.  In fact, in the thread, the majority of his posts have absolutely nothing constructive to add to the thread, he's not in there to comment on the update or bugs in the update, he's in there attacking new members, insulting them, telling them their issue doesn't matter and they are, "entitled," for even asking about it, their issue doesn't exist, they're wrong, I could go on.

1. Absolutely no racism or sexism. No tolerance.

We will not tolerate any sort of discrimination or hate-speech.

Well, honestly, I haven't seen this from Zenbane, but I will say that warning new members for something Zenbane does in nearly every post, then not warning him, well, THAT is discrimination and favoritism.  Nice, makes new members feel welcome on this forum.

2. You must remain respectful of other members, moderators and admins at all times.

Although civil debate is acceptable, please be respectful of others while you do so.

This means you may not call people names or otherwise make personal attacks on another member.

Well, he does this, REGULARLY, but he's buddies with all the moderators, so who cares?  Zenbane is free to be as rude and disrespectful to other members as he likes, and not even a mini-fuck is given.  Yup, for those paying attention I have been disrespectful of Zenbane too, but I've been warned, I've been moderated, where is his warning?  Yeah, that's right, no warning for the champion of the forum.

3. No trolling, inflammatory threads, or flame wars.

Please do not make posts or start threads when you know it will anger or insult others and spark a heated debate.

Even if you are not the original poster, please do not add fire to the flame by responding.

If you'd like to discuss a controversial topic in a controlled and civil manner, you may do so. For those unable to, there will be consequences.

Oh my, I think we have found Zenbane's bread and butter, his main method of interacting with new members who dare to say anything negative about his precious 2.0 update that he has been researching since he was knee high to a grasshopper.  All this guy does is troll and inflame, it was his only point and motivation for posting here
Finding something constructive from Zenbane in that entire thread is like playing where's Waldo? with a blindfold on.

4. No posting of "obscene" links, images, or videos.

Although we will allow discussion of adult topics, we ask that people do not post or link to obscene material.

NSFW topics directly related to Rift or VR are OK, but you must tag topics with "[NSFW]", and do not post links or media in the forum.

Well, nope, he at least has the intelligence to not violate this one (that I have noticed).

5. No religious, political, ideological, scientific or socioeconomic debate.

This forum is for talk about Oculus products and virtual reality.

If you would like to have an ideological debate, find another forum.

Wow, two rules in a row that the Oculus Forum's favorite son has not broken, I'm amazed.

6. Do not cross-post the same message into multiple threads or sub-forums.

If you have a question or comment, please post one thread only in the appropriate forum.

When kojack went ahead and missed my point about his buddy, and closed my thread, I had to reply somewhere.

7. Do not create multiple accounts.

These will be banned and deleted without appeal.

Easily done, so I wouldn't put it past him, but I haven't bothered to check.

8. No posting or linking to pirated or illegal content.

Discussion of piracy is fine, but linking to or uploading any pirated material is strictly disallowed.

Nope, I mean breaking this rule wouldn't shit all over a new member to the forum, so Zenbane has no reason to do this.

9. Keep threads on-topic.

Do not post irrelevant messages in topics. If you'd like to discuss something other than the topic with another member or members, either discuss it through PM's or make a new thread in the appropriate forum. Don't derail threads.

Another interesting one.  How can Zenbane be considered, "on-topic," when he isn't even posting about the topic in
All he is posting for is to shit all over new forum members, but they aren't part of his super-friends network in the friend megathread, so I guess anything goes?  As long as you are an immigrant to this forum you are open game.  What is this Trump's forum?  Zenbane, making the Oculus forum great again.

10. Do not create spam, off-topic, or nonsense discussion threads.

Do not post spam, off-topic, or nonsensical discussion threads. This includes advertisement spam, or simply topics that are not relevant to virtual reality or Oculus products. This can also include topics created in the wrong section.

Sorry, but I have no choice here.  The moderators outright ignore Zenbane's bullshit, and even when I made a post to call him out on insulting an entire group of new members, I WAS THE ONE WARNED.  Then in the same thread, Zenbane went ahead and quoted me, erased and edited what I said (the only method he had to say I was wrong) and yet, no warning.  No moderation what-so-ever.  Not surprising, since everyone is buddies with this clown, I would guess no one including the mods actually read my posts, they only read Zenbane's version of what I said, nice favoritism.

11. DO NOT reply to spam topics.

It makes it more difficult to clean up spam because we have to go through and manually delete the topics if there are replies to it. Please DO report them, but do not reply.

Since no one is going to moderate Zenbane, I replied to his bullshit.  Yup, and yet still his posts are not removed, he's not warned, nothing happens to the great and mighty creator of the official friend thread.  What the hell makes it official?  Oh, right, Zenbane made it.

12. Selling merchandise is not allowed.

Please do not attempt to sell your used Rift, or any other products, on the forum.

Well, unless the merchandise is weak wit and the ability to trick stupid people into thinking you're smart, Zenbane hasn't done this.

Now, before some genius points out that I have broken rules as well, especially in my communications with Zenbane, DING DING DING, congratulations genius, you have stumbled blind and dumb right into my point.  I will get moderated for this post, and still Zenbane will walk away whistling a tune on his way to treat some other new member like a bag of shit, under the watchful eye of the moderators that love him.  I am openly admitting I have broken these rules, for the most part in my, "debate," with Zenbane, where moderators ignored his actions, and all his buddies high fived his posts.

I'm not here to make friends, I have enough in real life, I'm here to get some of the broken shit in the 2.0 update fixed.  That's it.  That's the only reason I stumbled into this cliquey high school version of smurf village.  It's the only reason I have tried to post on here.  Zenbane's only reason to post is to insult and patronize other members, he's a bully, with the full support of the moderator staff.  Fine, fuck it.  I'll be gone soon enough and you can all go back to holding hands with him and shitting on new members, kumba-fuckin-ya.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Genuine question, What is the point of all of this?
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Be kind to one another 🙂

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Genuine answer, to ask why Zenbane is allowed to treat people like assholes and he doesn't so much as get a warning.  To ask, since I'm speaking to you, why I was warned in a post, then Zenbane later did the same thing worse, fully editing my quote (he may as well have rewritten it) and no warning.  Who is this guy that he is moderation free?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Where did he edit your comment? Can you PM me examples of any personal attacks and where he edited your comment. 

In the future, instead of creating threads like these, which will get locked, speak to a mod in PM.

Core i7-7700k @ 4.9 Ghz | 32 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance @ 3000Mhz | 2x 1TB Samsung Evo | 2x 4GB WD Black
ASUS MAXIMUS IX HERO | MSI AERO GTX 1080 OC @ 2000Mhz | Corsair Carbide Series 400C White (RGB FTW!) 

Be kind to one another 🙂