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Issues with Oculus rift s

Level 2

So today i bought a used oculus rift s, my friend has an oculus quest 2 that works fine on my pc and i wanted to be able to play with her. so when i try to connect my rift s to my pc it says "sensors cant track headset" after doing some google searching and talking to useless customer service agents, i found out i had two drivers called "nvidia and intel usb 3.1 eXtensible host controller" that cause issues with oculus rift s according to other reddit threads. When i try to replace them with generic microsoft drivers (by going to device manager, pressing update drivers and choosing the generic one from the list) im only able to replace the intel one, the nvidia doesnt let me replace it at all, and when i restart the pc the intel driver reverts to the way it was before i replaced it. Anyone know what to do? I've read a few ways to keep drivers from reverting but they require i uninstall the drivers first, which i can't do because theyre usb drivers and it makes my mouse and keyboard stop working.


Level 4

Have you tried deactivating the Intel USB 3.1 instead of trying to update it? it might be the fact that NVIDIA and INTEL are both trying to support the USB at the same time. if you deactivate one, the other should function, if not then just play the waiting game.