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Joystick problems

Level 2

I've had an oculus rift s for about a year now, and recently, the left joystick has trouble moving forward. I wondered if it was the game I was playing or the joystick itself. So I went "Oculus first steps" so I could see what the controller does when I press up, and the joystick couldn't respond to it correctly. it works well for left and right and down but not up. I don't think it's drifting because When I leave it alone it doesn't go down. I need some help with this.


Level 2

I'm having the same issue. Have you found a resolution?

Level 2

Have you found a solution?

Hey there, we see some of you are experiencing controller issues. When it comes to hardware issues we recommend creating a support ticket, so we can look into your options. 😃👍