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Just got informed that I cannot buy a cable for a product only 1.5 years old new

Level 2

Oculus provided a link to stores authorized, who are also not carrying it because... OCULUS DIDN'T GIVE THEM ANY MORE!!!!

I don't care about the 1 year warranty. I care that my cable needs a replacement after 1.5 years (6 months out of warranty), is the price of a PS5, and they tell me "oh well sorry" in email?

1. New product purchased with no indication of sunsetting the hardware 1.5 years ago
2. COVID production delays made replacements extremely scarce during the warranty period. (documented many stories of people unable to get the replacement, but that is a separate, and still very unethical issue.)
3. Production becomes available, just as warranties expire.
4. Production ceases suddenly.
5. No proactive or follow up communications to REGISTERED RIFT S OWNERS warning of this sunset plan.
6. NO possible recourse offered via Support or third parties.

Anyone have a lawyer to recommend? This is a predatory tactic clearly used to force people into an early hardware upgrade to their new product. I have literally NO recourse to get my product operational.

This is borderline illegal. 

They hid behind COVID production delays long enough, but now they have actually made a real case for unethical sales tactics.

I'd like to hear from others who had this experience, and let's see if we can get help from industry experts on fighting against this predatory company practice.