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Lately, I been getting the hourglass nonstop.

Level 3
I been having this issue for 8 months!
Before I start.... Here is my specs:
1) Intel I7 7700
2) DDR4 16gb Rams
3) 1060 GTX 6GB

Anyways, every game so far is giving me the black screen and hourglass non stop.  I can't play Onward, ContractorVR  and Phasmophobia on SteamVR anymore. I'm always skipping during the gameplay and/or the hourglass appear even with Oculus support.

When it comes to Oculus games.  Lone Echo skip like crazy. It's unplayable at this point.  VR CHAT IS UNPLAYABLE AS WELL. FOR REAL.... I HAVE tO WAIT 7 MINS UNTIL I COULD PLAY OR TALK TO SOMEONE.  I MET 4 PEOPLE HAVING THIS ISSUE ON VR CHAT.  I could hear them stuttering like crazy too. Lol  So far, my Oculus Rift is collecting dust. Seriously, what the hell the hourglass is doing to my system? This is confusing. .

Also, Windows 10 is new  and I have the latest drivers on my system.


Level 3
I found out my issue... My two hard drives is failing. 😞