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Left Touch Controller not working.

Level 2
I was playing blade and sorcery with my Rift S when suddenly (I was standing still when it happened) my left hand froze in place, I moved the controller but it didn't move the hand, the hand does not rotate either. However, if I press a button on the controller, or squeeze the trigger, or use it in any other way it still works, I just can't move it at all. My right-hand works perfectly fine, I have restarted the Oculus app, and the devices via unplugging and replugging, have also restarted my pc, and changed batteries. Nothing works.

EDIT: Fixed by disabling beta mode in the app

Level 4
I had a similar controller issue, though instead of tracking not working it is the thumbstick.  I contacted support and after a series of emails back and forth they looked into my warranty and said it was expired, then provided a link to the oculus store page to buy a new controller.

Level 15
Usually, just removing the controller battery (a fully charged one) fixes this imho.  Sometimes, re-pairing also helps.
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