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Lost access to all paid games

Level 2
I'm just lost right now.

After a beatsaber session, I get out, and decide to lay back and play some Moss. The game can't launch, so I try to restart the Oculus; suddenly, ALL my paid apps are gone. They are still installed, but I can't boot them up (it says something like I need to pay for the game... which I obviously did.)

Including BeatSaber, which is still in my "Recently Updated" and yet unaccessible. 

I submitted a ticket... but 48 hours ? God damn it feels bad in a situation like this. I had the whole week end free to finally be able to use it, and now it feels just... wrong.

Level 11
Have you checked to see if your account profile is not loaded up on the oculus home screen?
For some reason it might have logged you out.
Certainy very weird!