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MSFS2020 Flashes Again

Level 4
As of the latest Rift S update, I am now getting flashes/spikes both visual and audio at the rate of one per three seconds continuously in all aircraft, day and night. The day before, I would get a flash about once per 5 minutes. The sim has become unusable until Oculus addresses this issue.

Level 2
Same here, after the Oculus update today msfs in vr has become unplayable, constant white flashes in Rift S

Level 2
Same problem with my Rift S.
Disabling beta doesmn't work for me.
Oculus do something immediatly

Level 2
Same problem. About to disable beta, uninstall app and redownload latest stable version.

Level 2
Same here with Quest 2. Audio stuttering as well...

Level 2
There was another update some minutes ago. And it seems to work again.

Level 2
This version is on my PC now:
Oculus-App-Version (

Level 4
SOLUTION - Opt of the beta. Not sure if this is necessary or not, but I uninstalled and re-installed Oculus. It worked. No more flashing. I think my frame rates have improved a bit, also. The beta was for the black stenciling, and that too is now gone.

Level 2
same here with quest 2 and link

Level 9
I still get an occasional flash, but can't say whether there are more of them than before the update or not.  Either way, it's far better than the potential seizure-inducing flashes we were getting.    

Level 10
Ok same for me, awful frequent flash like if head position shift during one frame and return to correct position the frame after. it happened before but it was way less frequent like once every 4 or 5 minutes. Now it happen from the new Oculus beta update v26 and it's several times per minutes. I'll try to opt out as it fixed for other ones.
I hope this beta will not go public release with such huge bug and Oculus and MSFS Devs will work together to resolve it!

Edit  : just to be complete I'm on latest NVidia drivers today, 461.40, and had ASW OFF locked 45fps (CTRL+2), with lot of headroom (gpu usage less than 80%). Problem occurs even far more often if I hit CTRL+1 (no ASW no lock) and fps raise to around 60.

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