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Multiple instances of right Touch controller?

Level 5
I'm getting this.
No ill effects that I notice, but it's not cool either way.
Clicking the inactive ones shows garbled serial numbers, and they are impossible to remove.
Windows' device manager shows nothing out of the normal.
Anyone else?


Level 2

I have the same issue. Luckily, only have two only.

Level 4
I just started getting this as I was playing Skyrim VR.  First instance of having a second (or more) right controller.  It showed up when I was playing and my battery was actually low.
The issue was I replaced the batteries but the error stayed up.  When I disconnected and re-connected my headset, the battery error red state, at least cleared.

is what the serial number shows up as for me

Level 2
Just chiming in to say me too. I removed the file being referred to and things were fine for a couple of weeks. I now have two right controllers again though

Level 4
people if you have this problem just go to c:\users\yourusername\appdata\local\Oculus\and edit the file named devicecache.json, delete the lines where you have weird serial numbers, you can also delete all the content to reset the list .
Deactivate the ovr service before doing this .
After that you can restart oculus software and TADAAAA !!! All the shit has gone !

Level 2
Netshaman's suggestion worked, also look at
you must stop the Oculus VR runtime service before fixing the json file, or your changes won't "take"
Onre more thing I found, was that my extra controllers were being created by steamVR. Everytime I ran steam VR an extra right controller would be added and I would start back again with the same problem. 

I fix that by going to steam, selecting tools from the library->tools, then right click on steam vr and selected Properties->Local Files. Then pressed "Verify Integrity of tool files..." 
After that starting steam vr did not create any extra right controllers.