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Need help Vote here rift s pixel inversion/scan lines (not screen door effect)

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Pixel Inversion/ Scanline Correction Software – Oculus feedback (


Please upvote this I want the team at oculus to take this seriously , pixel inversion/scan line are horizontal rows of lines and is present in the rift s and quest 2. Compared to the psvr or hp reverb G2 the issue is not there. It really sucks because the scanlines breaks immersion for me, but thankfully due to the quest 2 increase in resolution it is less noticeable and the gaps between the rows of horizontal lines are fainter and much thinner compared to the scanlines on the rift s , but its still a issue the the small number of people such as myself are sensitive to. You think I'm going crazy right? The people who dont have this issue are lucky. So I'm here to ask for your help to upvote the link above so the team at oculus can take my issue seriously. The valve index had this problem but valved fixed it with a correction software so there might be hope for me.


Level 15

No, Valve did not fix that problem, but they provided a software fix to reduce the problem. I have the Index, and I can guarantee that the problem persists, but not as bad after the software fix. 

Even Reverb users have it:


PSVR is oled, thus PSVR does not show this issue. It's caused by the lcd tech - all lcd panels may have it to some degree, but true - Oculus may be able to provide software to lessen the impact of the columns. 

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