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No Display even thought the Occlus Rifts S is connected and detected by PC

Level 2

I bought a new laptop (AMD Ryzen 7 4800/Nvidia RTX 2060) and since then I cannot use the Occulus Rift S. My laptop has a miniDisplay Port and I lost the adapter that came with the Occulus Rift S, so I bought one from the company hama and i am now using that to connect my VR headset to my laptop.


I installed all the necessary drivers and application, my laptop detects the Hardware, get even the sensor check is functioning. The blue light at the front is on and the white light dot inside as well.


Problem is when i put the headset on, the white dot disappears and I have no Image.

I have tried reinstalling it various times with no succes.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello @Rhodopsine please submit a ticket with us and include the log files from your system so we can review them and try and determine why the Rift S has no display. Thanks!

Level 2

they say that you have to use the adapter and no other adapters are compatible somewhere on their website