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No display. Usb device malfunction???

Level 2
So heres the deal...
2 months ago i got the cv1? I think, the oculus rift and it ran perfrctly fine for a week then suddenly the screen went black, after hours of trouble shooting and fidgeting with the cable i got the image to come up for a second or two before going black again and ocasion white flashes on the screen as if the display connected and immidietly disconnected. However the speakers work and can be used as an audio device in windows. But still no display. Bringing to the conclusion that the display cable is no brome since when the video came on for a sec it was only when i wiggled the cable a bit....

After a month of back and forth with oculus support between updating all drivers (usb/video and even updating to newest version of windows 10) as well as uninstalling and reinstalling i finaly some how managed to have them send me a replacement cable. It arrived last night.
And i speedily set everything back up again only to have it display image for 5-8 seconds and then suddenly go black again..... So now it might not be the cable after all... The only issie making my troubleshooting even harder is im short on funds and dont have another display cable to run my monitor AND my headset at the same time so i can only have one or the other plugged in. 

The issue im having now is when the headset is plugged in.. I can hear the windows notifications that something has been plugged in and then immidietly disconnects...followed by a bunch of windows notifications. The orange LED on the headset flickers every 15 seconds and shuts off before coming back on and a windows notification pings again.... I was able to switch to my monitore shortly after a ping to see a notification box at the bottom saying tht the usb device has malfunctioned or something like that.....and now im lost...any tips for my long troubleshooting problem xD sorry its so long.  

Btw specs: 
Msi B350 gaming pro
Ryzen 3 1200
16gigs ram

Level 2

Level 2
I have the same issue, did you figure out a solution?

Level 2
I am having similar issue. Mine makes the USB disconnection noise and then the video kind of freezes for a few seconds, then will come back. It doesnt make the screen go black, but the video gets stuck. It also makes my mic audio go away when I am playing pokerstars VR. I have a ticket open but getting frustrated. How did you get a new cable? 

Level 2
I’m not sure how. It took like 3 consistent and different trouble shoot tickets to get 1 person to send me one. However months have gone by still and no actual fix yet except a suggestion to buy a 250dollor refurbished headset. I do think the port on the headset is broke. My daughter did yank on it once hard practically pulling my head back and down. However I’ve gotten a USB 3.0 PCIe card with 4 USB 3.0s. Been reading a lot about Rifts having these weird power issues or USB compatibility issues where they don’t get enough power. So this card has its own dedicated power draw cable. Gunna set it up and let you know. 

Level 5
The windows pings are probably a usb issue. Probably disconnection. Open device manager and see if the rift has a warning triangle sign next to it in the device list. You could reinstall usb drivers and restart but if you're daughter yanked it via the connection wire, you could have damaged the socket in the headset. Also, check the connection status on the oculus app. You don't need to wear the headset, just trigger the sensor with a finger or something and see what happens when you move the headset around. 

Level 2
No I know. The funny thing is when I plug the headset in. The speakers show up as an audio device. But the moment oculus home starts it disappears. There is no oculus device anymore found. Just like “generic usb device” and that’s it. And every attempt to reinstall/disable-reenable the usb device doesn’t do anything. 

But yeah. When setup and trying to run in oculus home. USB connects first then about 10 seconds later HDMIconnects. They show a green check mark for like 5 seconds. Then they both go red. 

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Maybe this :
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