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No sound in Oculus Rift headphones

Level 3
Hello everyone. 
Im new to Oculus. I know this must have been asked million times before and I have searched on google for solutions but nothing helped. When i go to sound settings in windows and press Test sound on Rift i can hear it clearly, so headphones are working.But I can hear sounds only when i select in windows to use PC speakers , or via connected TV. I have selected the option to play audio via Rift and mirror to pc , but only pc still sounds. It doesnt matter what device i select as default, only PC and TV works. I have tried to unplug the cable from headset under the band and plug it back in.  Tried also setting Rift as default audio with mirroring turned off. Nothing.  I have tried all possible combinations of settings.
Any ideas? Please help


Level 4
If it's the CV1 oculus rift you might have a broken audio cable. You can take wire from an old pair of headphone. Wrap around the lower peg of the left ear piece, wrap around to the other ear piece, then wrap around the lower peg of that ear piece as well. I now just use these headphone since i got them on sale.

Level 3
Hi Jay, thanks for reply.  As i said, its weird because i can play the test sound and if i force audio to rift headphones and play a music or video they play for few seconds and then stop.  Is this really issue of broken audio cable? I have tried different usb ports on my pc but its the same behaviour

Level 3
just FYI, i was using usb3 and after switching to usb2 it works ok finaly