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OVRService Launcher causing PC to crash

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Although this is May 2021 I'm receiving the OVRService Launcher service error it causes the PC to crash and reboot. This happens at least once or twice a day. I'm using the Rift S which I've had for three years. Researching the web this has been happening since at least 2018 or much longer with no fix that I'm aware of. Many users have contacted Oculus support with no results. It really doesn't matter what game you're in, what PC specs, what time of day it is (Support run around questions).


I'm asking anyone if this issue has been resolved and I missed the solution are is it ongoing as of this date? I've been attempting to troubleshoot this for months. Anyone with an answer or info on resolving this issue please respond, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Mine started doing this yesterday within minutes of use each time, its literally unplayable :(. Found any solution? im having a crash that looks like pulling the plug off the wall followed by the pc reboot

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mine started doing it on Monday. Start a VR game and the PC shuts off and reboots with no warning or error msgs. Looks like someone turned the power off then back on again.