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Oculus 3 dots and controllers in ground

Level 3

I just got back on my oculus to discover one firmware update and two driver updates. I did all of these, and all was working well for some time. I unplugged and replugged my oculus because my mic wasnt working, and the entire thing went to a static screen. I fixed this, but then was greeted with the three dots loading sign, and my controllers stuck in the ground. The controllers still work, they can aim and click, but they are stuck in the ground. When I bypass the guardian, the headset says something went wrong and that it cant track anything. I've tried everything I can find. Update drivers, power managment for usbs, camera permissions, headset cord, usb switching, redownloading oculus, repairing oculus, nothing works. If there is anything that you may know to help, please share it. I'm thinking about ripping the whole thing open and trying to do something, anything.


I have fixed the 3 dot problem on my system.

Bought a quality and powered PCIe USB 3.0 card, set it up, rebooted.

Turned off developer in Oculus

Deleted and re-installed Oculus with headset connected

Disconnected headset USB 1st waited 10 seconds then disconnected the display port waited 10 seconds

Reconnected the USB waited 10 seconds, reconnected the display port

Now it is working reliably, no problems at all.  NO 3 dots and NO controllers in the floor

Following the above procedure also sets up MS Flight Sim 2020 with no issues





Which particular USB3.0 card? Link?