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Oculus Air link

Level 2

I have already connected my Oculus Quest 2 to my Computer and have already connected the air link and turned it on but whenever it connects my computer gets a notification saying Hardware Notification saying "We can't find your headset. Please connect your headset." even though I have checked the Oculus app and it says my device is active.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, Tivilonder!


Having it tell you that it's not recognizing your headset can totally feel like a helpless cycle. We as fellow gamers, understand how having our tech devices not work properly can be frustrating. Don't worry, we're here to help!


Here are some basic troubleshooting steps to try:

  • Make sure that your network is setup correctly

  • Check that both of your PC and headset on the same local network and neither of them is on the VPN

  • Make sure your firewall is not blocking the TCP port 5669

  • Try turning on/off the Air Link button on the Oculus PC app

  • Reboot your headset and restart your PC software

If you've already done these and it didn't work, then feel free to submit a ticket to our Support Team here: This way we can go into more advance troubleshooting!


We hope this helps!