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Oculus App doesn't recognize my camera settings.

Level 2


I come to you with a problem that I have been messing with for hours and couldn't find a single person who has the same problem as I have.

The problem states as in the title that when setting up my oculus rift S through the configure headset part of the oculus app, it doesn't recognize my camera settings and gives me the error sign of "Allow camera through safety settings". The problem then being that I have enabled the required settings in my windows options specifically mentioned within the guides of the forums/support. And everytime I turn off and on these settings, I always make sure to unplug the headset and do the safe route of plugging USB-3 in first, wait a couple of seconds until it's connected and then the DisplayPort. Sometimes I have even tried restarting my computer completely. So far I have probably tried this method 70 times. The issues that others have online are that the USB port isn't connecting, which is not the problem for me. The setup stage doesn't recognize that I have allowed my camera to be accessed by Oculus rift S. I have tried repairing the app, redownloading it and even using the method of updating the oculus drivers. But without luck. 

Hopefully someone have had this issue before me or if anyone know of a possible solution.

Best Regards